Development and integration of enterprise information systems

In case of your business need for a comprehensive and complex enterprise information system, we are ready to provide you a full service of developing a new system starting from mapping your needs and delivering you the finalized and tailor-made result. If the project is to be fully implemented by us, a preliminary research is carried out at the customer’s premises. After the customer has studied the preliminary research report, negotiations will be held, followed by an offer for implementing the project. When the customer approves the offer, a contract for implementing the software project is signed by all parties.

We implement all projects in close co-operation with the customer. The project is managed by our project manager in collaboration with the development team.

Depending on particular customer, a special project management team may be composed, consisting of both the customer and our representatives. The project manager is responsible for meeting the project requirements. The quality of the final software product will be verified by our Quality Manager before any release to the customer.

The implementation of a software project is based on a project plan, which is created by the project manager in co-operation with the customer. The project plan includes individual plans for the members of the development team in different stages of the project. The plan also includes testing and the conditions and procedures for delivering the product to the customer.

The end result of a full scale software development by our company is a tailor-made enterprise information system that suits the business needs of your company.