• Development and integration of enterprise information systems

    In case of your business need for a comprehensive and complex enterprise information system, we are ready to provide you a full service of developing a new system starting from mapping your needs and delivering you the finalized and tailor-made result. If the project is to be fully implemented by us, a preliminary research is carried out at the customer’s premises.

  • Software maintenance and support

    Once software is developed and deployed it needs to be constantly maintained and supported later on since all your business systems must constantly be developed hand-in-hand with changes in other environments and systems around them.

  • Work force outsourcing

    We are able to outsource any of our team members, including project/team leaders, analysts, architects and software developers in specialized areas to provide our customers the business flexibility.

  • Consultancy

    Every now and then our customers need advice on how to proceed with development or streamlining of their information systems.