Mind-XQ core banking system is built for startup and mid-size banks, credit unions, microfinancing companies, and other similar financial institutions, particularly those with a strong online presence. The system runs on a modular basis to support individual lines of business, e.g. payments, deposits, microfinancing, etc.

Key features of the product are:

  • Customer management
  • Account management
  • Payments
    • Internal, domestic and cross-border payments
    • SWIFT and SEPA
    • Card payments
  • Loans
    • Interest calculation, installment plans
    • Collaterals
  • Deposits
  • Accounting and reporting
    • Balance sheet, profit, and loss statement
    • Payments, deposits, loans
    • Ledger entries export
    • Regulatory reporting
  • Web-based and mobile user interfaces
  • Multi-currency, multi-language, multi-branch